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My new HOVR!

Phew, what a week! I spent the first four days in a training in the Carr Workplaces on the 51st floor of the Aon Center (amazing views!) to get a certification for some software for work. It was fun to have a little break and be in a class again — it’s been a while. I’m a mega nerd so I asked a million questions, but I also learned a lot. I get my test scores back Monday but am sure I passed, and I’ll get a fun little certificate to hang up at my desk.

When I got back to the office today I had some mail to pick up, and lo and behold, my new HOVR had arrived! I ordered this thing months ago off of Indiegogo when I went through a phase of pre-ordering a bunch of cool techy things, and had kind of forgotten about it until today.


Here it is in its new home under my desk. Those are cardboard Jon Snow’s feet in the background.

So far, I’m loving this thing. Being short (and being someone who is on the long torso/short legs side of the spectrum), my feet don’t touch the ground under my chair at the office. Now, it’s true, I could lower my chair, but then my arms would be too low for the keyboard. Ergonomics, yo! Most average work desks are not designed for people of my height. So, firstly — this is working wonders on my lower back, because I’m not stuck trying to get my feet onto the wheels of the chair for comfort.

Secondly, it has exercises with it to help you burn calories throughout the day. Fan-freaking-tastic. Now I don’t have to feel quite so bad about the fact that I spend the majority of my workday firmly planted on my rear-end. I’m currently sitting at my desk, feet a swingin’, and loving every minute of it.

I’m really pleasantly surprised that this turned out well. This is the first time I’ve ordered anything from Indiegogo, or Kickstarter or the like. As I mentioned before — I went on kind of a spree earlier this year and have a few things on order I’m pretty excited to receive — I’ll follow up about them once they’re here. I even have another item I ordered from Indiegogo that arrives this month, the Wristocat. I’m going to have the most comfortable desk ever very soon.

Have you ever bought anything from Indiegogo or Kickstarter? How’d it turn out, good or bad? Let me know in the comments.


Post-Election Thoughts

Well…it’s over. After what feels like two long years of reading the news, the r/politics sub, and watching coverage for hours, it’s all over. The United States has finally chosen the person who will be its President for the next four years.

American Flag Post Election Thoughts

And that person is…Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Post Election Thoughts 1

Yeah, this guy. (image from BusinessInsider)


The guy that no one thought would win. The guy that no one thought could win. And yet — here we are.

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m not particularly pleased about the results of Tuesday’s election. And to be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure it’s set in. Perhaps it will on inauguration day. Or perhaps I’ll spend the next four years kind of floating through my days in disbelief. Who knows.

Early last summer, I had chosen the person that I wanted to vote for for President, and that person was Bernie Sanders. I think, in some ways, I felt a much greater sense of loss earlier this summer when he ended his campaign. I felt far more connected to him, far more invigorated by and excited about his campaign. I never had that same love for Hillary Clinton. But I hoped, at least, that his platform would make it to the White House, giving Bernie something to work with from his senate seat.

birdie sanders post election thoughts

Heart eyes. (image from YouTube)

Not so. By far, though, the most devastating remnant of this election isn’t just the policies for the economy that I disagree with, or the climate change denial — no, it is the pure, unadulterated fear I see in the eyes of many of my POC, LGBTQ, Muslim and Jewish friends. They fear for their lives and their safety, and they have every right to because of things like this. The US is supposed to be a country founded on freedom. They deserve to live freely and without fear.

It is that, more than anything else, that leaves me nauseated and upset. Frustrated and disappointed. Disgusted and distraught.

Even as a writer, it’s difficult to fully put my thoughts in to words, or to organize them in any way that feels like it make sense. I feel like I’m rambling even now, trying to put paragraphs together that don’t seem to fit.

What I can say though, is — I’m not over it, and I won’t be. I will donate and take action for organizations like the ones listed here. I will continue to fight for human rights. I will stand up for people who are oppressed or mistreated. I will stand by your side in the streets. I will be a shoulder for you to cry on. I will hold your hand and we can cry together. I will use my privilege that I know exists as a white woman. I will speak up when I see racism. When I see sexism. When I see bigotry. And in two years, I’ll fight like hell to put progressives in to congress. And in four years, I’ll fight like hell to see a progressive in the White House. The fight isn’t over. And I won’t give up.


I voted!

Welp, it’s done. Damon and I finally got around to early voting today. We were able to do it at a gym just down the street from our apartment. The lines were actually a lot longer than I’d expected — we were at our polling location for over an hour. Fortunately, they were organized, and moved us through as quickly as they could.

But, we made it! And we got our wristbands (I like these a lot better than the little oval stickers):


Prior to voting, I spent about an hour this morning on the BallotReady website prepping. I expected there to be some elections I didn’t know too much about, but I couldn’t believe how many different positions there were on the ballot we went through today. There must be 50 different judges as well as multiple referendums. It was crazy helpful to get a handle on what to expect and to read candidates’ positions, endorsements, and general info (because all you see when you get into the voting booth is their name and party affiliation). I can’t recommend the site enough. You can make your own ballot guide and print it out or save a PDF (I emailed ours to myself and Damon) and use your phone to go over it when you get to the voting booth.

After Bernie’s campaign this year, I made a promise to myself that I would never again skip voting, and never again vote uninformed. Prior to this election cycle, I’d voted in only Presidential elections, and had been pretty cynical about the whole process. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely still a level of cynicism there — but I’m doing my best to do what I can with what power I do have. I’m not sure how any of these elections will turn out, but I did my part.

I was rewarded for it by getting to watch a fat little squirrel eat garbage afterward.

fat squirrel eating trash 1 fat squirrel eating trash 2

Damon was hungry so he made me stop taking pictures of him, but did take me to Sonic for cheese tater tots and a giant strawberry limeade. So, I guess I can’t really complain.

Anyway — get out there and do your civic duty. We’ve only got 3 days left. And then this whole thing will finally be over, and we can all go back to holding our elected officials accountable for their actions and watching chubby squirrels eat trash.



RIP Vine 😭

Today, Vine shared some important news: their mobile app is being discontinued in the next few months.

I can’t believe it! I’m kind of…okay, really sad about it. I’ve spent hundreds of hours watching those looping videos, sometimes just sitting on my couch at home and laughing so hard I think I might pee. They say they’ll be leaving the site up, at least for the time being, so we can watch them to our heart’s content. So, that’s what I’ve been doing.

On Twitter, lots of folks are lamenting the loss of our looping love. (Super proud of that alliteration.) There are some pretty solid compilations out there already, from Deadspin, Slate, and (surprise!) Buzzfeed. But, since this is my blog — here’s a link to my Vine account; and below is a compilation of some of my favorite vines.


Beautiful music. 🎵

That stair chair, tho.

This will probably be me and Damon someday.

Oh man.

Damon and I quote this to each other constantly.

Referencing music that came out while I was in High School is a big win.

It’s always the surprise at the end.

And finally, this one made me laugh for hours.


I’ll miss you, Vine. 😭😭😭 Thanks for the laughs.

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Sexy Halloween Costumes for Feminist Ladies

Picture this: We’re only 12 days away from Halloween, and you haven’t got a costume yet. You’ve got a huge party to attend and everyone is going to be there. What’s a girl to do? Well, I’ll tell you — grab the sexiest costume you can find and you get your ass to that party!

There are plenty of sites out there showing you all the sexy costumes available, but I’d like to submit a few alternate suggestions for the feminists out there.

As a quick note, this post contains affiliate links. That means if you buy some of the items I’ve linked here, I might get a small commission from your purchase. Thanks in advance for supporting my lifelong dream of someday wearing a pair of sweatpants until they physically disintegrate.

  • Sexy CEO

Sexy CEO Nordstrom's PantsuitSexy CEO iPhone 7

What’s sexier than a powerful woman who has worked incredibly hard to advance her career?

There’s a few parts to this costume: first up, a nice pantsuit from Nordstrom’s. Mostly covered, with a fun hint of ankle peeking out from the bottom of your trousers to show everyone you have a playful side. Next, a comfortable pair of Dr. Scholl’s loafers. You can walk up and down the halls of your office as much as you need, and still go to a PTA meeting (that is, if you chose to have a family, which you can absolutely do…or not). An iPhone, so you can answer emails at any time of the day or night. And one both free and invisible costume item: Impostor Syndrome. You’re qualified for this job…right?

  • Sexy Scientist

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-11-14-39-am screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-1-37-54-pm screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-1-40-35-pm

What’s sexier than an intelligent woman who spends her days with da real MVP, science?

This costume is relatively simple. Either grab some of these sweet scrubs from Amazon or wear something comfy. Next up, cover those clothes up with a lab coat. Then, fill your pockets with some test tubes and get ready to correct anyone who thinks you’re a doctor by making sure they know you’re a scientist, but you’ve also got a PhD. You’ll also want to add a touch of Impostor Syndrome — and for some couples fun, ask your partner to check your math because you just don’t trust yourself with these calculations on your own!

  • Sexy Pilot

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-3-22-31-pm screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-3-22-56-pm screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-3-21-40-pm

What’s sexier than a woman who can control a hulking metal machine at 550 mph?

For this costume, you’ll need a white button down top and some blue trousers. Then, just pick up something like this Pilot Costume Accessory Set from Amazon (yeah, there’s only a picture of a man wearing it) to put a few finishing touches onto the costume. You can also scrounge up a pilot’s hat to make it fully clear that you are a pilot and not a flight attendant simply because you are a woman. And as always, good ol’ Impostor Syndrome. Sure, Sully saved all those people by gliding to safety on the Hudson. But could you?

  • Sexy President of the United States of America

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-3-37-38-pm screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-3-40-28-pm  screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-3-47-29-pm

What’s sexier than being the leader of the free world?

Start this one off with a nice black blazer, but toss a bit of design in there. Throw it over a nice dress that comes down to at least your knees. No free shows here, Putin. You’ll also want some fancy gold pens you can use to sign bills in to law. Optional costume piece: a Blackberry. You’re the President now, so you can use whatever cell phone you want. For a fun couples idea, have your significant other dress up like a Secret Service member and follow you around whispering into their sleeve all night. And last but not least, Impostor Syndrome. Maybe it would have been better if your husband were President. Have you made a huge mistake?


Hope these costumes help you come up with an idea! What sexy feminist costumes have you created? Is it just you, in your every day clothes? 10 points to Gryffindor.




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We’re smack dab in the middle of the month — just 16 days away from the SPOOPIEST day of the year, Halloween! TBH, Halloween is actually my least favorite holiday of the year. Mostly because I don’t like being scared. I have plenty of memories of getting the bejeezus scared out of me when I was just a wee little geek gal in my batman costume (read: pajamas with cape), strolling down the street with my cousin who was wearing witch hat and a glued-on witch chin. Ah, the 90’s.

For some reason, this year I’m actually excited for the holiday. It’s probably because I have the best costume of my life in the works (I’m going as Eleven from Stranger Things — I linked to it here on Netflix, because if you haven’t watched it yet, literally drop everything and spend the next 8 hours doing so).

Stranger Things Eleven

MFW I win the costume contest at work

I’ve gotten everything in so far except the dress, which I chose to have custom made from FrenchieYork on Etsy. She says it’ll make it here in time, so here’s hoping it shows up next week!

The rest of the costume I put together from Etsy and Amazon — the jacket, the wig (which is fantastic, by the way), the shoes, and the socks I had left over from a costume Damon and I wore a few years ago when I was a cheerleader and he wore a wrestling singlet. (We scrounged up the outfits at Belmont Army.)

Wrestler Cheerleader Costume Halloween Couple Costume

Couple o’ knuckleheads

That was still one of my favorite couples costumes ever. As it turned out, it was a good thing I had the ol’ American Apparel socks laying around, because they’re sold out EVERYWHERE. I’ll be sharing pics of the completed costume on social media, so check back on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram in a couple weeks!

I’m so excited for Halloween this year that I actually decorated. My Halloween decor consists of themed Beanie Babies & Beanie Buddies I’ve had for ages. Look at these cuties! It’s a Pumkin Beanie Buddy and the matching Pumkin Beanie Baby.

Pumkin Beanie Buddy and Beanie Baby

Yeah, these are from my ~*personal collection*~. Sorry fellas, I’m taken.

I also have the matching set of Batty and Spinner Beanie Baby & Buddy. I’ve had these things for years, since back when I was an insane Beanie collector back in the late junior high. Of course, I’ve sold off most of them now but I kept the decorative ones and a couple of my favorites. (Would have been a great college fund if I hadn’t sold them off in the late 2000s, when no one cared about them any more…and I’d already graduated college. Ha.)

This afternoon I’m shopping for more Halloween goodies from Modcloth while I watch Cutthroat Kitchen’s and Guy’s Grocery Games’ Halloween Specials. Just look at these lovelies:

Spell It Like It Is Jacket

Give ‘Em Pumpkin to Talk About Socks

Overall Winner Jumper in Black

 Ugh. I’M OBSESSED. They’re about to wrap up a sale over there too, for 25% off $100. And I’m gonna be honest, it’s taking everything I have right now not to get at least that jacket. Alas, we have a wedding to pay for, so…maybe just the jumper and socks.

 Anyhoo…I’m off to pin all my ModCloth loves on Pinterest (Come hang!) and eat my skull & bone Halloween SweeTarts under the orange and dark purple Hue lights (we LOVE these things — I’ll discuss them more later in another post) in my spoopified apartment. BOO!

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Wedding Planning & “Our Perfect Marriage”

Folks have been asking me basically since the day after we got engaged how wedding planning is going, and my answer has been pretty much the same for the last couple of months: “Umm…we have the list done?” How soon are you supposed to set a date, anyway? What comes first? Colors? Time of year? Venue? Date? Invites? I don’t think anyone really knows, and if they say they do, they’re either a liar or a professional wedding planner.

Which comes to my main point: we’re going to hire a professional wedding planner.

And no, we haven’t found one yet. We have a place we found on Yelp that we’re planning to meet with, at least. But we don’t have a date to meet with them. Damon wanted to make one but I was sick for like 2 weeks and demanded that we not meet the wedding planner while I was coughing all over the place.

This place we found will even make you your own binder with all the deets inside, so I’ll have that to consult when people ask me questions. BOOYAH. As long as I can give off the appearance of knowing what the hell I’m doing, I’m happy.


In related news, today our pals’ fantastic new book comes out today: Our Perfect Marriage.


One of the many driving factors behind pushing forward with our wedding planning (other than actually getting married, of course) is how much fun Damon and I are going to have sitting down to fill this thing out afterward. The book is basically a mad-libs style fill in the blank journal that you can have forever and ever. The quizzes are hysterical, and I’m not sure I’m going to allow D to fill out the “My Most Annoying Habit” section, unless he wants my most annoying habit to become taking this book away forever.

However, I am pretty stoked to see what he sees in the couples’ Rorschach test, because I already looked at it and they’re all baby animals or demons. Hope he gets those right.

And — if you were thinking about getting this for us for our wedding, please do. We already have a copy but I forsee me wanting a new one when Damon gets his messy handwriting in it or I see what he put down about my kitchen chore habits. Also, if you’re getting married any time soon and want to invite me solely for the purpose of getting this book as a gift: done and done.


Wedding planning updates to come as soon as I have ’em. In the meantime, go get this book and have some fun with your husband/wife!

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Incredibly Easy Peach Pie

Incredibly Easy Peach Pie Recipe

If you, like me, are not ready for summer to end, ignore all the pumpkin-everything being tossed at you for one last hurrah — this incredibly easy peach pie recipe!

And when I say “Incredibly Easy,” I mean incredibly easy. So much so that even managed to make this (under the ever-watchful eye of Damon, of course). The recipe can be found here.

The ingredient list is minuscule, and if you bake from time to time, you probably already have most of this in your house:

  • pastry for a double-crust 9-inch pie (if you buy a frozen roll-out crust, they usually come with 2 already in the box)
  • 5 cups fresh peaches, sliced (I’ve now made this twice with frozen peaches to no ill-effect)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 131cup all-purpose flour
  • 141teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons sugar (this is for dusting the top, so save it till right before it goes into the oven)

So be honest, you already have most of this in your house, right?

Incredibly Easy Peach Pie ingredients

The instructions for this recipe are so simple. Here’s what ya do:

  • Grab all your dry ingredients (flour, sugar, and cinnamon) and put them into a mixing bowl. Stir ’em or whatever.
  • Next, drop in the peaches. Try to get a good covering over ’em. If you’re using frozen peaches like I did, the more they thaw, the easier it will be for stuff to stick to ’em.
  • Then, go ahead and roll out one pie crust into the pie dish. If you have long nails like me and keep stabbing it when you’re trying to unfurl it, make someone else do it. Or use a rolling pin or whatever (We don’t have one because I tossed it during a KonMari sesh — and don’t let that turn you off of KonMari, because this is literally the only time in 2016 I might have needed it. Instead I used Damon’s hands.).
  • Now dump the peaches in, and spread around the remaining dry ingredients.
  • Then, take pats of butter and spread them around the dish. Do a better job than I did in this picture.

Incredibly Easy Peach Pie Step 2


  • Seal it up with the other pie crust. Pinch it together all the way around, then cut a few slits in the top.
  • Lastly, sprinkle that remaining two tablespoons of sugar onto the top crust.

Incredibly Easy Peach Pie Step 3

  • It bakes for 35 to 45 minutes (or until it’s bubbling out of the top). You might also need to cover up the edges of the crust for a bit so they don’t burn, then remove the foil halfway through (I did this).

Incredibly Easy Peach Pie Finished

That’s it! SEE HOW EASY?

Incredibly Easy Peach Pie Delicious

hey pie slice, u up

Now eat pie forever (or until you run out). Also, if you haven’t tried TruWhip, it’s our fave brand of whipped cream and I highly recommend it. Dollop it high, pls. Oh and also, if you’re wondering why my photos aren’t gorgeously lit on my marble-topped kitchen island, it’s because I made this at night in our apartment kitchen that had only this area clean and pretty for cooking.

Now, go watch this video and enjoy your pie. Baked in a buttery, crispy flake. Er, flaky crust.



What I Did On My Summer Staycation

I’m over halfway through my weeklong Summer Staycation (culminating in my birthday this Saturday). I’ve been really happy with the decision to take the time off — I think I needed it more than I realized.

Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve done this week:

  • Played the original Rollercoaster Tycoon game for more than 8 hours
  • Watched many episodes of Guy’s Grocery Games and Cutthroat Kitchen
  • Got some new plants for the windowsill
  • Did laundry (🤔)
  • Got out all my old toys for this Our Perfect Marriage photoshoot with Claire
  • Ate too much ice cream
  • Played Smite
  • Worked on my novel and a short story
  • Set up Hue lightbulbs throughout the house (ridiculous)
  • Scrolled through Facebook, Twitter and Reddit for hours on end

Basically, a perfect week. What more could you ask for?


A New Dresser For Our Car

Early last month, Damon and I bought a small dresser from IKEA to put in our closet.

IKEA Kullen Dresser

The one he’s currently using for his unmentionables is one we bought at an estate sale for $10, and…well, we’ll just say we got our $10 worth out of it. It’s ready to move on to limbo (our alleyway), and it’s afterlife (when someone drives by, picks it up and does something far more creative with it than we could have). Suffice it to say, it’s on its last legs. It works, but it needs to go.

Anyway, we had a few other things to pick up out at the Schaumburg Swedish Superstore so we made the trip. And of course, it’s IKEA, so we spent hours there and I ended up buying some lighting, some shelves for Damon’s studio, and some weird foldable boxes that I have not found a use for yet:

IKEA Glodande Box With Lid

(Mine are the teal colored ones with red, white, and blue feathers. It was around the 4th of July, and I get real jacked up over patriotic stuff. It hasn’t ended this year because of the Olympics, and I’ve already bought two different pairs of patriotic Teva sandals. Help me.)

DSW Teva Patriotic Platform Sandals


DSW Teva Patriotic Sandals


I’m getting distracted.

Point is, we went to IKEA, we bought a lot of things. Some of these things we needed, some we did not. And then we got home, and I tossed the boxes into the closet and we had our hands full with everything else so we left the dresser in its box, in the back end of the car, where it has resided ever since.

It lives there now, I guess. For the foreseeable future. Our car has a really nice new dresser, still in the box.


That’s all. Now quick, tell me about a time when you got procrastinate-y so I feel better about myself.


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